Mityana Cathedral Parish -UGANDA

"Abasseekimu mu Kristu Yezu,
Tujulire Kristu mu maka, mu masomero ne ku mirimu."

  • Archbishop Kiwanuka with Fr. Mutyaba in Germany.
  • Cardinal Nsubuga and the missionaries for Kiyinda.
  • Fathers being bade farewell in Augusburg Cathedral Germany
  • Building the armlet (kikono).
  • Original 8 on arrival at Mityana17th10 1967.
  • Noa's chapel on first Sunday of Carmelites.
  • Observing the plan during construction.
  • Post card church.
  • Fr. Matovu's Hut.
  • Welcoming Bishop Stimpfle on 9 Feb 1968.
  • Carmelites praying in parish church.
  • Sisters' survey ended and bidding farewell.
  • The Musaalaba Signpost.
  • The current Diocesan Bishop.

The Founding Fathers

  • Archbishop Dr. Joseph Nakabaale:
    He Got The idea.
  • Bishop Dr. Josef Stimpfle:
    He Supported It.
  • Rev. Fr. Heinz Eudenbach Matovu:
    He Built It.
  • Archbishop Emmanuel Kiwanuka Nsubuga:
    He Accomplished It.

Historical Background Of Uganda Martyrs' Shrine, Mityana Cathedral Parish

  • The Origin Of The Name "Kiyinda"

    Long ago this village was known as "Kiwanga". And therefore Mukwenda's workers from outside the county used to stay there. Some of their work was done in Kiwanga. Later this village was captured by the ministry of dramacters for Mukwenda who were known as "Abayinda".

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  • The Beginning Of The Parish

    Infact the beginning of Mityana Cathedral Parish was on the 31st May 1880 when the Holy Uganda martyrs St. Matia Mulumba and St. Luke Bannabakintu went for registration at Nnalukolongo as the first catholic christians from Mityana in Ssingo County. Hence the soil was filled with the blood of St. Noah Mawaggali who also died on 30th May 1886 from that place where the church was later built.

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  • Archbishop Kiwanuka Get Friends For Kiyinda Uganda Martyrs

    The Almighty followed Arch Bishop Kiwanuka as he went for the meeting that was called by "Vatican II" in Rome. Here he was with different bishop from allover the world. He became a friend to Bishop Joseph Stimpfle who was the bishop of the diocese of Augusburg West Germany. Bishop Stimpfle had a great desire to help the church in the growing countries.

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  • The Planting Of The Stone on 1st October 1964

    1st October 1964 entered in the history of starting the work of building Kiyinda. That is the day Bishop Joseph Stimpfle visited Kiyinda and planted a stone for the church of Kiyinda. Rev. Fr. Matovu was handled over the job of looking after and expanding Kiyinda while buying land from the neighbours. This started there and then in 1965.

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  • The Plan For The Church

    It was built in traditional style of houses. It has three armlets(sides) to represent our three(3) martyrs: the first one on the left is for St. Luke Baannabakintu, the next one is for St. Noah Mawaggali then the last one at the right is for St. Matia Mulumba.
    The church is brown color to represent the blood of St. Noah Mawaggali which poured from this place.

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  • Kiyinda Start To Accomodate Priests

    In the past, Kiyinda was one of the sub parishes which were under Busuubizi Parish. Busuubizi Parish was the main source of resources for many parishes in Singo and Busujju. Fr. Pere Guy Catoire and F.r Gourmoullen were the priest serving in Busuubizi Parish. Fr. Catoire had built chapel where christians gathered for the word of God as a sub parish.

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  • The blessing Of Kiyinda Mityana Church

    Many people came from different angles as witnesses on the celemony of the blessing of Kiyinda Mityana Church on 11th July 1968. Cardinal Agagian from Rome was also present. The guest of honor on the celemony was Bishop Joseph Stimpfle and he is the one who blessed this church. Among the ones who were present were Bishop Adrine K. Ddungu from Masaka

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  • Fr. Heinrich Eudenbach Become For Antilope Clan

    Fr. Henry loved Noah Mawaggali the martyr so much and the antelope totem since Noah Mawaggali was for the antelope totem. And therefore the next celemony after the blessing of the church was to introduce Fr. Henry into the antelope clan. Omutaka Miti introduced him into this clan and named him as 'Matovu'. And till now that is the name that most people know.

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  • Mityana Parish Turn Into A Cathedral

    When Rev. Fr. James Kabuye was the Episcopal Vicar, time reached for our part to stand as an independent church, led by Bishop from the roots of the apostles. The long waited letter came from the Holy Father The Pope setting up the new diocese of Kiyinda Mityana, from the Archidiocese of Kampala.

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The Bishops Who Have Served Ever Since Mityana Parish Turned Into A Cathedral Parish

  • H.E Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala
              22nd Nov. 1981 to 1988.
  • Bishop Joseph Mukwaya
              1988 to 2004
  • Bishop Dr. Antony Zziwa
              2004 up to date

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